About project

EDDIS – A Digital Program for Sexual Education in Secondary Schools

EDDIS project develops eLearning material about sexual education for secondary schools. The development will be carried out in cooperation with pupils, teachers and sexual education experts from four European countries: Finland, Greece, Lithuania and Portugal.

The key objective is to increase basic knowledge about the sexual health and sexuality among the youth between 13-16 years of age.

Three main objectives of the EDDIS project:

  1. To identify the information needs of young people about sexual education and meaningful ways to learn about sexuality
  2. To involve young people in the production of sexual health education material
  3. To develop a unified eLearning sexual education platform for European secondary school pupils.

As a result of the EDDIS project pupils will get an interesting and meaningful way to learn about sexual health issues. In the long run they will also achieve better sexual health. The teachers and health professionals benefit from new learning methods and tools.


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